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Partnership Working Party 3 (PWP3) meeting on Environment and Climate Change, 25 September 2013

A meeting of the OCTA-EU Partnership Working Party 3 (PWP3) was held on the 25 September 2013 at the European Commission.

The aim of the OCTA –EU Partnership Working Parties (PWPs) is to provide for a broad-based dialogue between the Commission, OCT experts and the related Member States on specific issues like trade, environment, financial services etc. The PWP3 meetings, in particular, focus on subjects such as climate change, environment, management and prevention of natural disaster, poverty and vulnerability.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. José Valente and Ms. Georgia Galati, from DG DEVCO, European Commission and co-chaired by Ms. Mira Kleist, Secretary of the Embassy at the Greenland Representation in Brussels. The agenda covered the EUs 2015 international agreements on climate change, Study on Renewable Energy and Green Policy in the OCTs, an update on BEST III and OCTs environmental profiles.

This meeting gathered about 30 participants, including three local representatives from Greenland, BVI and Aruba. The representatives form BVI and Aruba made two interesting presentations on current projects on reduction of CO2 emissions and green energy. Representatives from DG Environment, DG Climate and DG Research, were also present, as well as some Europe-based OCTA representatives.

A major innovation of this year’s PWP is that the EC made arrangements for participants from some OCTs and European capitals to join in by teleconferencing. Nevertheless, there were some technical limitations hindering a full participation through teleconference. These technical issues will have to be addressed jointly with the EC to ensure greater participation in future PWPs.

We are pleased to inform you that the documents of this meeting are available here.