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Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat

7 June 2018

The consortium led by Climate Alliance (Network of municipalities) with the support of Rescoop (European federation for renewable energy cooperatives), and 3E (consulting company) was awarded the contract to operate the Secretariat of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative.

The announcement was made at the EU sustainable energy week (EUSEW) on 6th June.


Following up on the European Union commitment to address climate change and lead the clean energy transition, the European Commission, together with 14 Member States, signed a political declaration committing to "Clean Energy for All EU Islands Initiative" in May 2017.

The European Parliament, supporting the case to make islands front-runners in clean energy transition and showcase solutions at European level requested and provided funding for the European Commission to establish a Secretariat, which would assist the islands in moving to the production of electricity from local clean energy sources and to become autonomous, to the greatest possible extent, in energy supply.

The Secretariat will:
  • carry out a benchmarking study on energy systems on islands
  • assist islands stakeholders in design and preparation of decarbonisation plans.
  • create and manage a platform of exchange of practice for islands’ stakeholders involved in designing and implementing clean energy projects
  • provide dedicated capacity building, technical assistance and advisory services.
  • create and maintain a functional website and offer web-based tools to facilitate the networking and exchanges.
  • organise, over the duration the project, the Islands Initiative forums and islands technology fairs to bring together concerned Member States, representatives of islands, academic institutions, international and civil society organisations, and private sector stakeholders including investors, to share best practice in financial and regulatory tools and promoting best available technologies, with the aim to take action on the ground.

The Secretariat of the Clean Energy for EU Islands will be based in Brussels from June 2018 for 2 years.