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EDITO November

16 December 2013

Ten years after its creation in 2003, the OCT Association (OCTA) provides a forum to develop effective working relationships with the EU and support the collective interests of its Members in several areas of EU-OCT cooperation. With its online Knowledge Centre, the Association is moving into the digital age and contributing to break down geographical barriers.

Why share information?

While information may serve as a springboard for knowledge, it is only through interactivity and strategies of communicating information that OCT members will draw profit from common dynamics. In this context, sharing of information, expertise, training and knowledge resources on thematic issues and on European projects and programmes is one of the core missions of OCTA.

The Knowledge Centre’s purpose is to enhance our policy dialogue, to reinforce our capacity to access and manage EU funds and, finally, to facilitate communication among OCTs and with the EU. At all these levels, there is a need to share information, to create and enrich networks, to propose training and to reinforce information about European activities, funding and programmes.

Online resources to bridge the digital divide

L’accès internet à large bande joue aujourd’hui un tel rôle dans le commerce, l’éducation et la santé qu’il est quasiment devenu d’utilité publique comme l’eau et l’électricité. Or les problèmes d’accès à internet et le décalage horaire continuent de faire obstacle à la communication des PTOM. En attendant que tous les PTOM soient connectés par des câbles sous-marins, le centre de connaissances en ligne favorisera la communication asynchrone et l’usage des ressources légères.

A new platform for new activities

OCTA’s Knowledge Centre will be accessible through the OCTA Web site. It will give access to key information, training and resources for the benefit of OCTA, the OCTs, and OCTs stakeholders from the thematic networks and institutional groups.

The platform will provide tools and facilities such as exchange sessions, databases, e-learning modules, digital resources, including a virtual library and Tender Electronic Daily, wiki and blog collaborative tools. Such web 2.0 tools will improve interaction and communication among us. They will be free and user-friendly. The Knowledge Centre will be bilingual, in both French and English.

Those who participated in the OCTA 12th Ministerial Conference had the opportunity to see a demonstration on the use of this modern tool And given the eagerness of potential users, the OCTA Technical Assistance Team is gearing up for the actual launch of the KC before end of January 2014!

Président de l’ExCo d’OCTA