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Launching of the EDF-11 E-Learning Modules on the OCTA Knowledge Centre

Most OCTs are currently busy beginning work on the territorial or regional programming (or both!) for the 11th EDF. Starting from material used during the TAO Training that was organized by the European Commission in Brussels in December 2013, e-learning modules have been developed to assist TAOS in their tasks.

The e-modules cover subject like budget support and project support, territorial programming, and programming documents. They also focus on the management of public procurement, grants and contracts; building SMART indicators, and understanding the Logical Framework approach.

Their main objective is to strengthen OCTs’ capacities in programming, implementation and monitoring of the EDF programmes for which the Deputy Regional Authorizing Officer (OCTA) or the Territorial Authorizing Officers (OCTs) are responsible.

These modules are now available on the OCTA Knowledge Centre (KC). TAOs and their staff can thus access the training material at their convenience. The Knowledge Centre is a web based tool that gives OCTs and stakeholders access to key information, training and resources. The KC access is currently available via the following URL: . It will soon be hosted on OCTA’s own server. Users will then be informed about the new URL Access.

To request access to the KC and the EDF11 e-learning modules, you can register through the KC by clicking on “Register” and completing the application form. Alternatively, contact the Technical Assistance Team at for your personal login and password. We look forward to your registration!