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OCTA & FEDOM sign a Partnership Agreement

4 February 2020

On the 30th January 2020, Oliver Gaston, President of the Executive Committee of OCTA, and Jean-Pierre Philibert, President of the FEDOM, Federation of Overseas Companies, signed a Partnership Agreement to commence their collaboration.
FEDOM is the French federation of overseas companies that works to promote the overseas territories’ social and economic development, through research and studies, information actions and events.

OCTA and FEDOM share a common vocation towards the development of OCTs, by strengthening their positioning within their own geo-economic space and creating bonds and opportunities between the members belonging to their geographic area.
Both organisations understand that the OCTs’ exceptional biodiversity, their special link with the marine space and their societies’ multi-ethnic characteristic are specificities that are insufficiently valued. Local stakeholders request more information about the initiatives and opportunities at European level to address these aspects in their territories.

In this context, OCTA and FEDOM will work closely towards the OCTs sustainable growth, particularly by supporting the development of European co-funded projects.

Signed Partnership Agreement [in French]: