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OCTA Ministerial Conference

The OCTA Ministerial Conference took place in Brussels on 22nd February 2018.

The Ministerial Meeting is the highest body of the OCTA, taking place once a year, customarily in the week of the OCT-EU Forum. The representatives at the Ministerial Meeting are the heads of government or designated members of the national governments of the OCTs along with their delegations.

The Ministerial Conference was led by Mrs. Cartwright Robinson, Premier of the Turks and Caicos Island, as current Chair of the association.

The Conference approves the reports and budgets submitted by the Executive Committee, sets the policies for the coming years, and elects the next Chair and members of the Executive Committee.

The main outcomes of the Conference is the Political Declaration which is presented to the EU institutions and other partners at the OCT-EU Forum. The Declaration is signed by all the Heads of delegation.

The closing remarks were delivered by Mr Teva ROHFRITSCH, Vice President of French Polynesia, as the newly elected Chair of OCTA until the next Conference to be held in French Polynesia in 2019.