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OCTA rédige un rapport sur la participation au COMITE DE PILOTAGE de GLISPA 2013

Under the invitation of the Hon. Ronny Jumeau, Ambassador for Climate Change and Small Island Developing States issues of the Republic of Seychelles and representative of the co-chair , the ExCo President attended the 2013 GLISPA Steering committee organized in Washington on the 19th and 20th of February 2013. In addition to her participation, a delegation from the BVI also attended the event through the participation of the Hon. Dr. Kedrick Pickering, Deputy Premier of the BVI and Benito Wheatley (BVI, London).


The contacts between OCTA and GLISPA started in the margin of the Rio+20 event in June 2012, through the organization of a meeting between the OCTA chairman representative, M. Christensen (Greenland), the GLISPA steering committee Chair, the Hon. Ronny Jumeau and a member of the New Caledonian Government, M. Lecren. The organization of this meeting was facilitated by the ExCo President. Further contacts were made in the margin of the CBD conference in India in November 2012, in presence of the OCTA chairman representative M. Gaston (SPM).

OCTs’ intervention

The BVI delegation consisted of Deputy Premier Dr. Hon. Kedrick Pickering and Mr. Benito Wheatley. On 19 February, the Deputy Premier delivered an intervention to the Steering Committee in which he confirmed the BVI’s membership in GLISPA and support for its work as a strategic platform for cooperation among islands, including OCTs. He later in the programme provided a brief update on the Caribbean Challenge.

On 20 February, Deputy Premier Pickering and Mr. Wheatley attended GLISPA’s High Level Briefing where the Deputy Premier made a detailed presentation on the Caribbean Political and Business Leaders Summit and provided an update on planning and logistics for the event.

In discussions with OCTA Executive Committee (“ExCo”) Chair Chloe Calvignac, the delegation indicated that BVI prepared to represent OCTA under its own seat in GLISPA if OCTA so wishes.

Extract of OCTA ExCo’s joint report, of Chair ChloéCalvignac and BVI representative, Benito Wheatley