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Preclearance for Air Travellers between Aruba and the EU

2 July 2014

Aruba took the opportunity to demonstrate the ‘EU Preclearance’ concept while welcoming the first biofuel flight to the island. This special project group with team members from KLM, Schiphol Group, the Aruban and Dutch Government demonstrated a combined biometrics and pre-clearance project known as ‘Happy Flow’. This project will be implemented by the end of 2014 for a group of passengers travelling from Aruba to Europe.

CEO of Royal Dutch Airlines KLM Camiel Eurlings demonstrating one part of the EU Pre-Clearance

The biometrics project makes it possible for passengers flying to Europe, to scan their passport and boarding pass on arrival and link this to a high resolution picture of their face. This gives passengers the ability to go through all the steps at the airport (baggage drop-off, border control and boarding) by facial recognition before boarding the aircraft.

The special project group aims, possibly by the end of 2015, to enable passengers will to travel from Aruba to Schiphol after only a passport check on Aruba. This means that they will have been pre-cleared on Aruba for all Schengen countries and will not have to be check in for a second time upon arrival at Schiphol. This innovative approach will enable passengers to travel faster and safe but also allowing for better connections in Europe.

From left to right the CEO of Royal Dutch Airlines Camiel Eurlings, Prime Minister of Aruba Mike Eman and the CEO of Schiphol Group Jos Nijhuis