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Support measures for the Tourism sector at EU level

23 April 2020

The European Commission was requested by members of the Tourism Task Force of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament to draft a tourism rescue action plan. The tourism and transport industries are among the most affected by the crisis, and it will continue to suffer in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton addressed the Committee on the 21 April to present the measures that are being studied by the Commission. Their objective is to set up a recovery plan, before the summer season, that focuses on employability, job and balancing these with the health and economic needs.

Among the initiatives mentioned by the Commissioner, the plan to include a budgetary envelope in the next Multiannual Financial Period (MFF) 2021-2027, stands out as it would be the first time to have a dedicated line.

He also stated the need of tourism to be embedded in the “New Green Deal”, and to have an emphasis on making the industry more sustainable, digital and innovative. In order to prevent “over-tourism” and focus on the preservation of tourist ecosystems and economic realities, local tourism will be promoted.

He also insisted on the need to protect the sector from aggressive investments from third countries, which might seek to benefit from exploiting the current crisis.

The Commission also aims to organise a “Sustainable Tourism Summit” in September/October 2020, to reflect about ways to "reinvent the tourism sector of tomorrow".

Given the importance of the tourism industry for the OCTs, OCTA will follow closely the developments at European level on this issue.

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